DEMOS Research Units

The purpose of the establishment of Demos Research Units is the publication of selected dissertation works of the Master Degree and academics publications, data collection on democratization level, human rights violation and social media role in cooperation with local CSOs. The cooperation will help create links to the labor market by offering internships to graduates. Administrative staff will be trained on how to approach and facilitate the access of possible refugees from conflict zones to the Master Degree and on the criteria on recognition of their prior skills. Last but not least, there is possibility of establishing Alumni Associations to promote important and lasting networks of democracy and human-rights post-graduates.

All higher Universities (HEIs) will be in charge of installing adequate infrastructure in the units.

When the research units in each HEI will be delivered, a university researcher will work there part-time. Professors participating in the project will have the opportunity to collaborate for research publications, and Master students will be offered a space for conducting their Master thesis.