Welcome to the DEMOS Project

The Master Degree in Democratic Governance and Human Rights “DEMOS” Project innovative character lies on the fact that it aims to create a new Master Degree in a specialized academic field giving attention to acquiring practical operational skills. In addition, it will make available an interactive and flexible e-learning program, tailored-made to the specific needs of the partner countries.
Moreover, the project aims to address the absence of curricula that will generate postgraduate professionals highly skilled in democratic and human-rights based culture and knowledge. As a result, they will be ready to meet the challenges of institution building in their nation, having a long-lasting impact in the democratic transformation of their environment.


Work Packages

The project has several work packages that aim to achievement of the proposed actions.

  1. Work Package 1: Needs Analysis (WP Leader: Utrecht University)
  2. Work Package 2: Curriculum Development and Infrastructure (WP Leader: University of Alicante)
  3. Work Package 3: Capacity Building Activities (WP Leader: Utrecht University)
  4. Work Package 4: Delivery of the Master Programme and Capacity Building Programmes (WP Leader: University of Carthage)
  5. Work Package 5: Quality Assurance & Monitoring (WP Leader: Cadi Ayyad University)
  6. Work Package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation (WP Leader: Lebanese University)
  7. Work Package 7: Management & Coordination (WP Leader: Moulay Ismail University)

Latest News

DEMOS videos are online!

DEMOS videos are online!

What is DEMOS project about? Who can benefit from its activities? Target group can gain new exper

The 1st DEMOS Newsletter is on air!

The 1st DEMOS Newsletter is on air!

The Master Degree in Democratic Governance and Human Rights “DEMOS

DEMOS Project Starts!

The DEMOS project’s activities were launched at the partnership ki